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Nomee Creations Ranked #3 August 26, 2011

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I have good news, no actually this is great news for me, lil ol’ me from a huge city like Chicago….

I have been ranked number 3 among Graphic Designers – Chicago IL at It really is amazing to see that my work and the way I conduct my work is ranked among other great designers here in Chicago. So if you have not done so already go and check out Nomee Creations currently have a 15% discount on orders over $50.00; be sure to mention it at the time you are placing the order.

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Why to choose “Custom Invitations” August 16, 2011

If you are wondering why you should choose custom invitations, well you’re in the right place for me to convince you. I will admit this is a bias answer as you know I own Nomee Creations where customized invitations are my niche. But the reason I got into creating invitations on a one on one basis was because I love seeing a customer happy for getting exactly what they wanted, or to change that one little thing that would make what they want exactly how they envisioned it.

When you look at websites online that offer pre-designed invitations, you’re looking at exactly that, a design that was not intended for you specifically. You get to choose from a selected group of colors, maybe some fonts, and a few designs. With customized invitations, that’s exactly the opposite, you come with an idea of what you would like and it’s the effort of a good designer to match or create your vision. If that is done, the end result will be beautiful- for you and those receiving it.

Wedding Invitation

Im sure the ease of purchasing an already made invitation is convenient, and with the stresses of planning a wedding and having to make thousands of decisions throughout the process can be exhausting. What you’ll have to remember is that this is the first thing your guests will see that references this amazing event. It will be their only insight to the vision you’ve made a reality for this day….YOUR WEDDING. So why go with the everyday when you can have it your way?

To list out the reasons:

1. It will be personalized to your specifications

2. With a good designer edits and corrections can easily be made

3. Everything will match exactly what the feel of your wedding will be

4. You will more than likely pay about the same as you would for those invitations that were created for the mass and you have to work around to fit what you are looking for.

Bottom line is you’re going to be happier with the end result when you’re choosing something that is specifically for your wedding  and your idea of what the feel of it should be. So be sure to find a reliable person/company (Nomee Creations) to create your invitations. Find out if there are discounts with purchases of other stationary (thank you’s, programs, place cards) always make sure you get a timetable for how long they will take and last but not least don’t be afraid to ask for changes, as a designer we want to make sure what we create is what you like. Nothing will make you happier than getting exactly what you envisioned!


June 1, 2011

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My son had his first birthday in April and we had a Sailor themed party, below is the video link and this is the link to the photos from the party. I hope you like it.


Day 20 …and before January 20, 2011

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Wow I did not realize I had so many days to catch up with here on the blog. YIKES! But I have been taking photos and updating my forum. If you’d like to see everyone else’s photos ho is participating, feel free to head on over to the gallery and see what everyone has.

For now check out my facebook page to see what I have, I’ll be back tomorrow to update you with all of my wn photos… 🙂

Well have a good night…


Day 10 January 10, 2011

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Day 10 “Jump Rope”

I’ll be back tomorrow with K –  I think I have a good one lets see how it pans out. It’s never really what you think it will be (as far as it being easy) 🙂


Day 7-9

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Day 7 “Gooey Glue”

Day 8 “Hold on I Have Hangers”

Day 9 “Incense”

If you’d like to see more photos from our forum go to the gallery I’ll be back with more updates 🙂


Project 365 Day 6 January 6, 2011

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My intentions were to post my daily photo here for all to see each day, and I didnt really forget more so than just have been busy moderating and keeping everyone informed on the forum So be it as it may here I am posting Six days worth of photos… I’ll start with Day 1 and then going forward I’ll post a new one each day. Im excited about this year and the photos. It’s kind of difficult as each day has an assigned item, but I’ve been keeping up.

So here they go
Day 1- “Art”

Day 2- “Buttons and Brads”

Day 3- “Crayola Crayons”

Day 4- “Dimes”


Day 5- “Elephant Romance”

Day 6 – “Faux Fur”

So what do you think so far? Be honest! Would love to hear what you think. I’ll be back tomorrow with an item that begins with the letter G….hmm any ideas it has to be indoors…

Well it’s still early in the year and you can still join our very fun project/challenge, I would love to see more members in the forum. And you’re welcome to try to catch up or just start on the days assignment…
If you don’t already know we are awarding 4 prizes at the end of the year…weekly and monthly contests too! See you tomorrow…if you’re already doing this on your own share your photos I would love to see them!

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